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Head Coach: Dan Steffes (TM ’03) – [email protected]
Assistant Coaches: Griffin Loehner (STM ’08), Drew Wilson, Jahdiel Lafontaine (STM ’21), Bob Teske, Nyarri Guichardo

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Q&A with Coach Dan Steffes (TM ’03)

Most students come in to high school with little or no knowledge of track & field.  That’s okay!  We work with each athlete to determine what events they will succeed in and enjoy.  There is something for everyone in track & field – no prior experience is necessary.  To get ready for track & field, my best advice is to play other sports in the fall and winter, or spend some time working with Coach Litscher and Coach Fricke in our Fitness Center.

I hope that athletes take away a sense of responsibility to their teammates.  Track & field is often seen as an individual sport, and that is largely true, but there is something special that happens when athletes across different events really get together to support each other and compete for each other.  Most of my favorite track & field experiences are tied to team accomplishments, not individual honors.

I love coaching at STM because our students are respectful, coachable, and they know how to have fun while working hard.

The track & field program is built differently than most sports at STM.  Each event group practices together – sprints, throws, distance, pole vault, hurdles, and jumps.  Boys and girls, varsity and JV all practice together.  Athletes can practice with different event groups on different days, sometimes finishing the season with a completely different group than the one they started with.  Track & field athletes will tell you that one of the best things about the sport is the team atmosphere that exists at meets.  Our athletes support each other, cheer each other on, and we don’t look at ourselves as the boys’ team or the girls’ team – we are the St. Thomas More Track & Field Team.

Season: Spring
Conference Champions: 1976 (Boys), 1981 (Boys), 2013 (Girls)
Regional Champions: 2003 (Boys), 2004 (Boys)
State Champions: 1981 (Boys)

The following student athletes have represented STM at the WIAA State meet in LaCrosse:

Year Name Event Place
2021 Conrad Charles (STM ’22) 100m Dash 6th
Jahdiel Lafontaine (STM ’21) Long Jump 15th
2018 Gabby Kennedy (STM ’18) Pole Vault T-4th
2017 Gabby Kennedy (STM ’18) Pole Vault 6th
2015 Thomas Kennedy (STM ’15) Pole Vault T-14th
Gabby Kennedy (STM ’18) Pole Vault
2014 Mathew Peter (STM ’14) 110m High Hurdles 2nd
Maria Missurelli (STM ’14) Pole Vault 6th
Thomas Kennedy (STM ’15) Pole Vault
2013 Mathew Peter (STM ’14) 110m High Hurdles 3rd
Maria Missurelli (STM ’14) Pole Vault 12th
2012 Stephanie Piparo (STM ’12) Pole Vault T-8th
Kyle Parnau (STM ’12) Pole Vault 10th
2011 Stephanie Piparo (STM ’12) Pole Vault 8th
2009 Aaron Loferski (STM ’09) 110m High Hurdles 2nd
Aaron Loferski (STM ’09) 300m Intermediate Hurdles 10th
2008 Aaron Loferski (STM ’09) 300m Intermediate Hurdles 7th
2007 Nick Szczech (TM ’07) 1600m Run 1st
Nick Szczech (TM ’07) 3200m Run 1st
Adam Loferski (TM ’07) 400m Dash 12th
2006 Nick Szczech (TM ’07) 1600m Run 3rd
Roberto Flores (TM ’07) Triple Jump 7th
Sarah Cawley (TM ’07) Triple Jump 13th
Sarah Cawley (TM ’07) Long Jump 14th
Nick Szczech (TM ’07) 3200m Run 15th
Roberto Flores (TM ’07) Long Jump
2005 Matt Krimmer (TM ’05) Long Jump 2nd
Sarah Cawley (TM ’07) Triple Jump 8th
Jordan Wentland (TM ’05) 200m Dash 9th
Nick Szczech (TM ’07) 3200m Run 9th
Matt Krimmer (TM ’05), Jordan Wentland (TM ’05), Kyle Szukalski (TM ’07), Roberto Flores (TM ’07) 4 x 100m Relay 15th
2004 Mike Laabs (TM ’05) Triple Jump 3rd
Ryan Sura (TM ’04) 800m Run 13th
Moises Gomez (TM ’04), Tyler Haug (TM ’04), Ryan Sura (TM ’04), Mike Laabs (TM ’05) 4 x 400m Relay 16th
2003 Mallory Stiglitz (TM ’03) Shot Put 12th
2001 Matt Engelhardt (TM ’02) High Jump
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