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Head Coach: Scott Kosidowski – [email protected]

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Q&A with Coach Scott Kosidowski

Golf is a hard game, but by getting as much practice in as you can, even if it is only chipping and putting will help improve your golf game tremendously!  Also, going to the driving range a few times will not hurt either!

Sometimes golf will imitate life!  In golf you will get some bad breaks, even bad shots, same with life.  We do not know what will happen next, but learning to live with the bad times, makes us better in the end.

As a teacher at STM, it is so fun to be more involved with the student experience and get to know the players and their families.

They develop a relationship that will last a lifetime.  Their teammates were a part of their high school years which they will look back on and realize they were having the time of their lives playing a game that is very difficult to master!

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