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Boys Soccer

Head Coach: Jon Stahr (STM ’12) – [email protected]
Varsity Assistant Coach: Santiago Esquivel, Reyes Perez (STM ’14)

JV Coach: Jason Dhillon (STM ’12)
JV Assistant: Rafa Zamudio (STM ’19)

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Q&A with Coach Jon Stahr (STM ’12)

First off, they should get in the weight room with Coach Litscher and Fricke. Besides that they should be playing soccer when they are not participating in other sports. If they are able to play for a club team that is preferred, but staying active and playing with friends works.

Our program runs summer contact days in June and July, and these are incredibly important for both new and returning players to get used to our coaching staff and help get accustomed to our playing style.

At home, they can work on receiving the ball properly with the inside of their foot and dribbling around the house or backyard. The more time they are touching the a ball the better! Below are a few videos we had sent out last Summer during quarantine.

We hope that they have learned to believe in themselves to become confident but humble young men, that we’ve given them some structure, discipline and organizational skills with handling their academics to become a successful student athlete, and instilled in them a hard work ethic and hold themselves accountable to always push themselves in whatever they do.

On the field, we hope they take away an understanding of the basics of soccer and have learned the game in a different way, an understanding of how to move tactically as a team and working as a unit, the technical skills to become a better player, and the mindset to allow the game to become simpler through understanding game plans and being able to understand concepts to start thinking about the game at a higher level.

Having a sense of pride in the school and program being an alumni is a big reason. Once you get down to the season though, it is about the players and the staff. Coming into an environment where everyone is passionate about the game and puts their all towards it. The players are what makes it extra special because the students at STM are different. The players I have had for the past four years have changed me for the better as a person. As a coach, you try to teach your players a lot about soccer but they end up teaching you a lot about life and working through different conversations and situations. They genuinely care about others and about the program. I always say when you do something special at STM that it is different than any other school. The support you receive from the parents, faculty and students is second to none.

We encourage a competitive environment, but always put an emphasis on respecting your teammates. The friendships that are built within the program are ones that will last throughout high school and oftentimes after their high school careers are over. We are slowly changing the culture to become a place where everyone holds each other accountable, but at the same time everyone is on the same page pushing towards the same goal. Our goal is to win a state championship and be a consistent threat to win state.

Season: Fall
Conference Champions: 1998, 1999, 2012, 2015, 2016, 2018
Regional Champions: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2013, 2014, 2019
Sectional Champions: 2006, 2014
State Runner-Up: 2014
State Champions: 2006

Summer Soccer Camps

During the off season, players need to continually polish their touch and improve their overall ability. The soccer program encourages players to attend at least one camp during the summer so that they may continually develop as a player. Some possible camps are listed below, but these are not the only camps available. If players have any questions, they can contact Coach Stahr.

Soccer Plus Camp

The Next Level Soccer Camp

Camp Shutout (GK)

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