Who We Are

Led by dedicated faculty and ambitious administrators, St. Thomas More High School provides a rigorous and innovative college preparatory education that emphasizes student engagement, intellectual curiosity, and personal growth. After four years at STM, students are prepared for lasting success at both the collegiate and professional levels.

Through a ministry that preaches inclusion and openness, STM strives to create a welcoming, supportive environment that preaches cura personalis: “care for the entire person.” Providing an immersive “Ministry of Presence” that touches all aspects of our students’ lives, we nurture each area of young people’s development – intellectual, spiritual, and personal.

To better understand and appreciate God’s love, we must put our faith into action. For students to grow spiritually, they must break out of their comfort zone and allow others to challenge their closely held beliefs. STM believes that this growth and maturation happens through service to others and spontaneous, sometimes sensitive, discussions with people of different backgrounds and experience.

STM molds students who are prepared for anything God throws at them. When faced with adversity, STM students are resilient and flexible without sacrificing their identity or values.

STM teaches students to express themselves while harnessing the unique power of their Spirit, Body, and Mind. Because of the size of our student body, STM students have more opportunities to stand out and test their abilities in a wide range of activities, increasing their engagement in school and cultivating skills they can utilize throughout their lives.

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