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Laptop Program

STM integrates technology into the everyday curriculum. At STM, technology is an important tool that expands students’ knowledge and creativity while increasing connectivity to professionals and mentors from across the world. All STM students are provided with their own laptop, and many of our classrooms are equipped with interactive Smart Boards, allowing teachers to increase student engagement. With the use of technology growing in nearly every field, STM aims to develop students’ imagination and flexibility, preparing them to take full advantage of future technological advances during their collegiate and professional careers.

Questions about our Laptop Program?

STM offers a full four-year laptop commitment with laptops collected each summer.


Price List for Repairs on STM Laptops
Screens $125
Screen Covers $35
Keyboards $35
Hard Drives $100
Hinges $30
Power Cord $45
Battery $50
Palm Rest/Touch Pad $45
Motherboards $225
Bottom Base Cover $70
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