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Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD)

SADD is a national organization with hundreds of chapters throughout the United States. SADD is the power and caring of young people united to defeat the elements that can be destructive to a healthy and productive life for teenagers. SADD attempts to take the lead in empowering young people to create a path of wellness not only for themselves but also family and friends.  Membership is open to all students who accept these goals:

  • To end underage drinking, drunk driving, drug abuse, and other destructive decisions
  • Not to ride with a driver who has been drinking or using drugs
  • To help others do the same

Why Join SADD?

  • SADD is an organization that is student-driven and adult-encouraged
  • SADD promotes positive reinforcement and positive alternatives to destructive behaviors
  • SADD’s goals are action-oriented
  • SADD not only addresses the issues of drunk driving, but it also covers other issues that young adults are dealing with today
  • SADD empowers students to empower themselves
  • SADD offers safe alternatives

For more information on SADD International, click here.

Other sites of interest for SADD members:

National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Interested in joining SADD?

Linda Janick
General Office Manager & SADD Advisor
(414) 481-8370 x101 |

Mrs. Janick and several of her SADD students posed with their new sweatshirts which spreads STM’s SADD message, to make good decisions. Special thanks to our SADD President, Jasmeen Yamat for taking the lead with this project and to Mr. & Mrs. Ramus who kindly sponsored these sweatshirts through the Jennifer Ramus Endowment Fund.

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