Servant Leadership: Retreat Reflection

At the beginning of November, the Class of 2021, along with student and faculty leaders, gathered for the Servant Leadership Retreat.  This all-class retreat challenged the freshmen to explore their purpose, passions, and how they can become leaders in their own way. Group discussions, games, service, and guest speakers gave our students a chance to get to know each other and themselves throughout the night. Through a game of dodge ball, students learned how to show school spirit and how to encourage teammates. After the surprise guest speaker, students learned that having faith in God was the greatest weapon against adversity, and that we need to fully utilize the time we have in live to accomplish goals and dreams.

My first freshman retreat was a day I will hold on to for a long time, I grew as a person in just one day. It was a time to get away from an everyday school life to engage in helping others.  I felt like a true leader just by listening to what others had to say, and I approached new people and introduced myself to them. We worked together to create a bond that we never knew we would have. I felt like people counted on me when we were making the sandwiches for the Guest House so I put my heart, soul, and respect for the people who were going to eat this simple but valuable meal. For it might have been there last meal for a long time. Overall, I learned to communicate with different people and live every day to its fullest.
– Allison Lara


I learned that if I want to be a leader that I can’t waste my time. Time is something that we take for granted and because of that we procrastinate, but the thing is we can’t get time back…however you want to spend it is up to you. I’ll use my time at STM is to become a leader inside of the community, so that way I can use my time to serve others and I won’t be wasting it at all. I also learned that if we want to be part of the STM community we need to come together and lead for the community. We can’t see the STM community for what it is but to see it for what it can be.
– Luis Oronia


The retreat was a big influence on my life, the things that we did helped me become a better person. The people there were so nice and they told us the purpose of the retreat. Being at the retreat was an experience I’ll never forget. I learned to be a leader and how much it takes to be one. I learned how to work with others by just simply talking! I learned things about my classmates that brought us closer together. I also learned that the STM community isn’t just a program; it’s a family and I’m proud to say I’m a part of that family.
– Montavion Crump


Special thanks to all student leaders, faculty leaders, guest speakers, and parents of the class of 2021 for making this retreat possible!

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