Servant Leadership: Nature is Calling


The Center for Servant Leadership and Civic Engagement is pleased to offer the second annual trip to the Boundary Waters of Wisconsin.  By offering this trip exclusively to the freshman class, we hope to empower the newest members of the STM family to be leaders upon their return.  To learn more about this tremendous opportunity, click here and read the thoughtful reflections of two participants from last summer!


Trying something new and stepping out of your comfort zone is a challenging and daunting task, but the reward is much greater in the end because you decided to do something that many people were afraid to do and that was be different. The bonds and friendships that I had formed with my classmates is something that I am extremely grateful for, and these bonds that I had formed continued to grow over the course of the school year. Manitowish was definitely the highlight of my summer. I loved getting up every morning to see the sunrise, hear the birds chirp and the loons sing there was nothing like it. Despite the rain, I enjoyed every second on trail, from building fires, to playing cards, and believe it or not being surrounded by no technology whatsoever. Honestly, a week to unplug and be away from everything distracting and just have some good wholesome fun is exactly what everybody needed and enjoyed. In conclusion, Manitowish had brought feelings of joy I can’t even describe and friendships that I know will last a lifetime. I hope that this class of freshmen will take advantage of this amazing opportunity and I hope this experience will bring them just as much joy and happiness as it did to me.
        — Jenna Flayter, Class of 2020


I can honestly say that I have never had an experience like the Summer Wilderness Trip. Of the many lessons I learned, the most prominent would be the importance of unity. While on trail, it became clear that this was a team project, not a lone-wolf vacation. We had to overcome many obstacles together, such as: canoeing through pouring rain, setting up camp, cooking (if you burn food like me, this is a challenge), and so much more. But, it was overcoming these challenges together that made me realize a simple but often unnoticed truth: we all need each other to grow. Being amongst mentors and peers opened my mind to how I could develop as a leader. I believe every freshman in the class of 2021 should want to experience this trip. Growing amongst peers and mentors in a setting which evokes servant leadership is a once in a lifetime experience. Not only that, but it’s more than just overcoming challenges: it’s about family, strength, service, FUN, and so much more! So, for those of you who are willing to step out into the unknown, take hold of this opportunity. You will not regret being refined in the fires of the Manitowish Experience.
          — Yaz Rodriguez, Class of 2019
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