New Staff Spotlight: Clare Reszel (STM ’09)

Clare Reszel (STM ’09)
Social Sciences


Hometown: South Milwaukee, WI
Education: Marquette University (bachelor’s in education); University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (master’s in history)
Hobbies: Spending time outside with her pets, watching sports (especially soccer and basketball), reading (currently collecting a biography for every US president)

The STM community would like to welcome back 2009 alumna Clare Reszel, a new teacher in the Social Sciences Department! After teaching social studies at St. Anthony High School in Milwaukee for the last several years, Reszel eagerly returned to the halls of STM this August, this time as an educator.

“I had an amazing high school experience here,” Reszel recalled. “STM holds a lot of special memories for me, and being able to come back and create more was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up!”

When contemplating her career path as a Marquette undergrad, Reszel remembered the impact that STM teachers had on her and wanted to inspire and motivate high school students in the same way.

“I always knew I loved history, but Ms. Cissne especially gave me the added push to use that love of history to become a teacher and influence others and pass that love on,” she said. “It feels so special to be teaching in the same classroom where she impacted students for so many years!”

This school year, Reszel will continue to teach her favorite class, Advanced Placement US History. “I love how deep into US history we can go and the awesome discussions and conversations that come out of the year. I’m also excited to teach a few new classes and just get back into the classroom and challenge myself alongside my new students.” Reszel will also teach four sections of American Government, including the Advanced Placement class, during her first semester back at St. Thomas More.

When she was a Cavalier student, Reszel was involved in many extracurriculars, such as student council, campus ministry, softball, and creative writing. So, it was no surprise to hear that Reszel accepted the role of Student Council Advisor, in addition to her heavy teaching load.

“One goal I have for this year is to continue showing compassion for myself and my students as we work through the difficulties of the last year,” Reszel explained. “That said, I also want to constantly push my students, especially those in Student Council, and myself to be the best people we can, both in and outside the classroom.”

Reszel with her parents, Jan and Daniel, upon receiving her Master’s degree last year


  1. Good luck and best wishes on a long career at st. Thomas More, your high SCHOOL home. It is a tradition to have stm alums return as teachers to a place they loved as teenagers

    Gregg Trojanowski
  2. Wishing you all the best as you take over room 352! So proud of you clare and so appretiate your comments.

    Jeannie Cissne

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