Paige Sheehan Awarded Marquette Superstar Educator!

St. Thomas More High School math teacher Paige Sheehan has been nominated for Marquette University’s Superstar Educator Award. This award recognizes outstanding teachers working in the STEM field throughout the Greater Milwaukee area.

“I really enjoy my job and have loved being a part of the St. Thomas More family this year,” Sheehan said. “Seeing students who were previously anxious and had negative feelings about math be able to walk into my classroom with confidence has been the best part of my year. I have a lot of pride and passion for teaching and helping students learn, and it feels great to have my hard work this year acknowledged!”

Sheehan and her fellow nominees were recognized at half-time of the Marquette-Xavier men’s basketball game on February 15.

“I’m thankful for a place where I can try new things in my classroom and do what’s best for my students, with my administration and colleagues cheering me on. While both of these accomplishments recognize my work with students, I know that this wouldn’t be happening without a great community pushing me to be the best teacher I can be.”

In addition to being nominated for the Superstar Educator Award, Sheehan was chosen to speak at the Wisconsin Math Conference to discuss her work on changing assessments in the classroom.

“I believe it is important to recognize the hard work and dedication that teachers have for their jobs,” said Dean of Academics Aliscia Benetti, who nominated Sheehan for the award and encouraged her to speak at the Wisconsin Math Conference. “Ms. Sheehan is a great example of a teacher who is focused on fostering the love of learning and the student’s well-being. She makes the classroom a joy to be in!”

“Since the pandemic started, teaching has become even more difficult,” Sheehan continued. “Many teachers have left the profession because of those demands and a lack of professionalism towards the profession. I’m very grateful to work at a school where I feel like a professional who is supported and encouraged. Having my students and other adults in my building recognize my hard work makes me feel validated and excited to keep trying new things.”

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