New Staff Spotlight: Josh Litscher (STM ’15)

Josh Litscher (STM ’15)
Social Sciences Teacher

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
Education: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (bachelor’s in education)
Hobbies: weightlifting, going up north, spending quality time with friends and family

The STM community would like to extend a very warm “welcome back” to 2015 alumnus Josh Litscher, one of our new hires in the Social Sciences Department! After teaching at Divine Mercy Parish School in South Milwaukee last year, Litscher was excited to return to the halls of STM.

“I have always wanted to come back and teach at this school,” Litscher said. “When I attended St. Thomas More, I was able to build great relationships with friends who I still have today, and the academic rigor greatly prepared me to be successful in my career.”

Litscher joins his older brother, Physical Education/Health Teacher and Strength and Conditioning Coach Jimmy Litscher (TM ’06), and his cousin, Admissions Director and boys’ basketball coach Tony Mane Jr. (TM ’06), on the STM staff.

“I love that I teach in the same building as my brother and cousin because I feel like it represents what St. Thomas More is — truly a family atmosphere,” the younger Litscher explained. “My family cares so much for St. Thomas More because of the sacrifices that our parents made to send us here. They knew that STM was the best place to shape us into adults. We are honored and blessed to give back to the school that made us who we are today and to continue the legacy of shaping students who share those same values.”

As an educator, Litscher seeks to share his passion for social science with his students. “There is so much we need to learn from our past to help better our futures, and understanding different cultures helps us become better citizens and more compassionate people,” he said. “I’m especially excited to introduce some of those cultures and lessons from the past to our students.”

This year, Litscher is looking forward to once again experiencing STM’s close-knit atmosphere. “I am excited to meet and build relationships with all the families and the larger STM family,” he said. “The St. Thomas More community has always felt so warm and supportive, and it is really refreshing to be back in it as a teacher.”

Jimmy and Josh Litscher in 2015


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  1. Congratulations.
    It is good to read about St. Thomas More graduates coming home to share their talents and their college experiences..Keep Jimmy on his toes and show what a little brother really can do.

    Gregg Trojanowski Db'61

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