STM Raises $17,000 for Virtual-Reality Software on Giving Tuesday

December 4, 2019: St. Thomas More High School proudly announces that the school’s one-day Giving Tuesday campaign raised nearly $17,000, with a median gift of only $100. This funding will support the purchase of innovative software that uses augmented and virtual reality to enhance experiential learning for students in multiple fields of study.

This technology, known as zSpace, creates immersive, lifelike experiences that build students’ self-confidence, increase engagement in the classroom, and provide a deeper understanding of complex academic topics. zSpace’s many applications, which range from biomedical science and engineering to geography and the arts, allow students to conduct and repeat experiments and case studies, strengthening their problem-solving and critical thinking skills while preparing them for upcoming exams and to meet college-readiness benchmarks.

“St. Thomas More’s project-based learning curriculum provides students of all academic fields with the experience of identifying and solving real-world problems,” St. Thomas More principal Nicholas Kelly explained. “Giving our creative teachers an innovative tool like zSpace will allow them to greatly expand their lesson plans and offer their students even more opportunities to acquire valuable collegiate and professional skills.”

St. Thomas More will join the over 1,000 school districts, technical centers, medical schools, and universities that use zSpace. According to the company, academic studies have shown that using zSpace increases academic performance by an average of 16 percent.

“I am humbled by the generosity of our alumni, parents, and other benefactors who supported our Giving Tuesday campaign,” said STM president Mary McIntosh. “This year’s campaign not only surpassed its goal of $15,000 but was also the best Giving Tuesday campaign since St. Thomas More joined the movement in 2014. We are truly blessed!”

Since 2014, donors have contributed over $40,000 to St. Thomas More for Giving Tuesday. Last year’s campaign allowed St. Thomas More to upgrade the projector and display screen in the Jerry Huennekens Gymnasium, significantly enhancing the quality of school, alumni, and community events.

To learn more about St. Thomas More’s GivingTuesday campaign or to make a tax-deductible contribution, please visit

With zSpace, students can explore human body systems using augmented and virtual reality

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  1. Good work St.Thomas More Alumni, Friends and Families.

    phil Micech

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