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St. Thomas More’s retreat philosophy centers around 1 John 4:16, “We love because He first loved us.” On these retreats students are challenged to return Christ’s love by following Him with their whole lives. Students will encounter Christ through prayer, community, and the sacraments. Each retreat is led by the Director of Faith Formation, faculty, staff, and upperclassmen students, which allows for opportunities of spiritual renewal, growth in discipleship, and ministerial leadership.

Friday, March 3rd – Sunday, March 5th 2017
Friday, March 31st – Sunday, April 2nd 2017

The Sophomore iThirst Retreat focuses on the universal longing for deeper meaning in our lives.  Thematically, the retreat is divided into three days – Dehydrated, Quenched, and Overflow.  We live in a world that – despite the multitude of options available to us – often feels directionless.  Through prayer experiences, small group sharing, talks, and activities, students are led to consider the place of God in their lives, particularly in relation to the basic Gospel message of the love of Christ.

This retreat also offers an opportunity for upperclassmen to grow in leadership and deepen their faith by serving as “captains.”  They receive training ahead of time, going on to lead small groups and help behind the scenes.

This year’s Sophomore iThirst Retreats will return to OSRUI (a Jewish summer camp) in Oconomowoc, WI.  The camp offers diverse, expansive grounds.

Tuesday, April 10th 2017

The Junior iSeek Retreat is an all-class retreat.  In a time of high-pressure consideration about the future, this retreat offers students an opportunities to reflect not just on what they do, but on who they are – how can their unique gifts and passions meet the needs of the world?  We will examine the Christian art of discernment – prayerful consideration and judgment – as it relates to decisions students will be making in the future.

The retreat will take place at the Cousins Center, using their meeting room and chapel facilities.  The retreat will take place during the school day.  Students will assemble at STM in the morning and return in time for afternoon dismissal.

Friday, August 27th  – Sunday, August 29th 2016

The Senior iHeart Retreat is an all-class retreat offering an opportunity for each student to examine their inner life.  The retreat focuses on the importance of personal growth through struggle and reconciliation with God and others.  The retreat proper will commence on Saturday morning, but students will be offered the opportunity to sign up for a retreat extension beginning Friday after school.

This year’s Senior iHeart Retreat will take place at Timber-Lee, a Christian camp in East Troy, WI.  The camp offers a high-quality meeting space, plus plenty of outdoor space for use in good weather.

Spring, 2017

The iServe Retreat is open to any STM student and is designed to provide students with a different encounter and solidarity with the poor. Students participate in a number of poverty immersion activities, including asking neighbors for donations and spending the night outside in cardboard boxes.

The iServe Retreat will take place at STM and at different service sites in the Milwaukee area.

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