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Retreats and Service

STM offers students many opportunities to get of out the classroom and expand their faith through experiential retreats. In addition to the events sponsored by our Center for Servant Leadership and Civic Engagement, STM students can participate in nationally recognized retreats, helping them grow into their faith and learn from the perspectives and experiences of their peers outside of the STM community. Campus Ministry and other student organizations also sponsor international retreat and mission opportunities, including our popular pilgrimage to Italy.

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Each freshman will take a trip with a segment of their classmates to the Gathering meal program in Milwaukee.

Sophomores will complete four separate acts of service through the year (plan for two per semester). One in each category:

  1. Call to Community (local groups such as St. Thomas More, a student’s grade school, a local place of worship, or a neighborhood organizations)
  2. Preference for the Poor (organizations specifically serving low-income populations)
  3. Ministry of Presence (working directly with children, the elderly, or other people in need through a specific organization)
  4. Justice & Advocacy (organizations that work for change on the level of policy and society).

Juniors will engage in a class-wide service project (usually plan and carry out fundraising events to support a local organization) throughout the year, utilizing the different skills and knowledge gained from their freshman and sophomore service experience.

Seniors will participate in the “Year of the Cavalier” for their service requirement. Each student must complete one act of service in each of the following categories:

  1. Prayer and Worship
  2. Facility Management
  3. Student Community Building
  4. Alumni Community Building
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