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Mass is offered twice during the week on Wednesday during the first lunch period and Friday before school (7am) .  Eucharistic Adoration and the sacrament of Confession are offered on Monday during both lunch periods.


Campus Ministry Cor Team

Cor is Latin for heart.  Campus Ministry Cor Team  is the “heart” of Campus Ministry programming.  These upperclassmen students commit to their deepening their own faith while playing a key role in Campus Ministry programs.  Campus Ministry Cor Team meets weekly to grow in prayer and Christian living.  Cor Team members plan outreach events (such as Catholic Schools Week), lead the school in morning prayer over the announcements, assist with All-School Masses, and help with retreats and other prayer events.



St. Francis and St. Clare grew up alongside each other in Assisi, Italy.  Together they worked to build a Christ-centered culture of joyful, faithful living in solidarity with all.  Their example inspired future generations of believers, including St. Thomas More.  Frate is Italian for brother and sora for sister.  FrateSora brings together St. Thomas More students in a communal environment to share life with one another through social events, explorations of faith and culture, and men’s and women’s sessions. During the school year, Fratesora will be a weekly gathering open to all students who wish to participate – no commitment necessary.

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