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Faith and Service

St. Thomas More was devoted to his Catholic faith and lived as a Professed Secular Franciscan, dedicating himself, like St. Francis, to a life of simplicity, poverty, and fraternity with everyone and all of creation. With a pervasive sense of joy in the Lord, he devoted himself to prayer and to sharing the good news of the Gospel
to all who would hear it.

For nearly 150 years, STM and its predecessor schools have provided students with a compassionate and transformative Catholic education that prepares them for lasting success in the next stages of their lives. Guided by this experiences and tradition, STM ensures that God’s presence exists ubiquitously throughout the school, both inside and outside of the classroom. All STM students must take four years of theology, advancing their knowledge not only about the Catholic faith but also about other religions. Students also study the many intersections between theology and other academic subjects, such as biology and social sciences, helping them better understand the role of faith and spirituality in contemporary society.

Through a ministry that preaches inclusion and openness, STM strives to create a welcoming, supportive environment that preaches cura personalis: “care for the entire person.” Providing an immersive “Ministry of Presence” that touches all aspects of our students’ lives, we nurture each area of young people’s development – intellectual, spiritual, and personal.

As a ministry of presence, STM aims to

  1. Provide students with authentic conversation and spiritual dialogue that is free of judgment and preconceptions;
  2. Engage students wholeheartedly, stimulating both their mind and soul; and
  3. Connect people of different backgrounds, helping them gain valuable perspective and learn from each other’s experiences.
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