Celebrating Their Teachers: A Reflection on Coach Jimmy Litscher by Isaac Harris

by Isaac Harris (STM ’23)

Isaac Harris (STM ’23)

I remember the first time I stepped inside the doors of St. Thomas More. My family decided to attend Open House so we could better understand the environment in the school. While touring the building, we were shown the weight room, where Mr. Litscher greeted us. He was extremely friendly and upbeat, and he gave me a sense of how welcoming the school would be. Mr. Litscher played an important role in my decision to go to St. Thomas More, and he has continued to impact me as a high school student.

Eventually, my first week at St. Thomas More had arrived, and it was strange getting adjusted to the new environment of high school. I wanted to join some sort of after-school activity or club and found the offseason training program. The next day I walked into the gym and was greeted by Mr. Litscher, who had remembered me from Open House. He encouraged me to start lifting and has continued to motivate and help me improve in the weight room.

Many students like Coach Litscher because his classes are fun and engaging. He is always happy and upbeat and brings a great personality to the classroom. He looks out for students and is also patient with them. Coach Litscher never talks down to his students, even if they are distracting his class. This does not mean that Coach will never correct someone, but when he does, he does it in a respectful manner.

Jimmy Litscher (TM ’06)

Coach Litscher is someone you can depend on and go to for help. Before lifting one day, I was hungry and asked him if he had change for a ten-dollar bill so I could buy something from the vending machine. Instead, he offered to buy me a snack. The next day I tried to pay him back, but he insisted that I did not need to. Coach Litscher has also helped me when I was injured, giving me exercises to do while I was recovering.

Overall, Coach Litscher is a great teacher who truly cares about the well-being of his students. He wants to help all students become the best people they can be, both in the weight room and the classroom. He always supports his students and works hard to create a fun learning environment for us to learn. Coach always ensures that students are doing well both inside and outside of school, and he will help students when they are in need. I believe that Coach Litscher truly emulates the values of St. Thomas More High School.


  1. Coach liter as you students from St Thomas call him Coach litcher is my son-in-law he’s married to my beautiful daughter Melanie and he gave me along with my daughter a beautiful granddaughter Sloan and a gorgeous grandson Rhodes so I am very pleased that you students appreciate the man I call my son-in-law cuz I am really happy with the choice that I made for my daughter lol lol I pick on my kids all the time but he is a good person and a great son of a so go ahead Jimmy take about just remember your father-in-law loves you very much but you and Melanie still owe me 13 more grandchildren lol lol Love you son congratulations for being recognized

    Thomas Tate
  2. Great insights on Coach Litscher!!
    ps – Coach, get going on that debt you owe Mr Tate . . .

    Tom Trisco

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