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Billy Award

The Billy Award is presented to a graduating senior who best exemplifies the qualities of Billy Skurzewski, a Thomas More student who passed away in 1993.  This is a student recognized by his/her peers as being a good person, a great friend, and an all-around “nice kid.”  This is a student who is genuine in his or her love of life.  This student demonstrates a strong faith, concern for others, dedication to family, and a cheerful, positive attitude.  This student has a strong inner spirit, courageous in the face of adversity, and never gives up.  This student makes the most of his or her God-given gifts, going the extra mile for others.  This student is a special kid – one that any person would be proud to call their own.

2021 Not Awarded
2020 Not Awarded
2019 Ian Leather
2018 Benjamin Post
2017 Carly Serketich
2016 Alma Marcial, Lydia Raflik
2015 Hannah Tezak
2014 Faith Bowman
2013 Delaney Verba
2012 Mayra Jimenez
2011 Kaitlin Kizewski
2010 Allison Hofer
2009 Kellsey Schmitz
2008 Renee Reszel
2007 Steven Lynch
2006 Stephanie Guertin, James Litscher
2005 Michael Laabs
2004 Ryan Reszel
2003 James Bourne
2002 Kyle Knipple
2001 Ellen Polczynski
2000 Toni Thompson
1999 Leslie Santos, Jennifer Ramus
1998 Katrina Skonieczny
1997 Kim Poludnianyk
1996 Rudy Ruiz
1995 Christopher Klusman
1994 Thomas Kopydlowski
1993 Joe Trawitzki
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