Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Aliscia Benetti

Hometown: Milwaukee
College: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Degree: Bachelor’s in music and Italian literature
Favorite Class in High School: English

Aliscia Benetti has always known that she wanted to be a teacher, although she didn’t think it would involve numbers or formulas. At the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Benetti studied music and Italian literature and then spent a year studying abroad in a music conservatory. She continues to play music professionally, including for the Kenosha Symphony Orchestra.

Before coming to STM, Benetti taught math at MC2 High School on Milwaukee’s south side. She values forming personal relationships with her students and enjoys watching them grow into adults with unique interests and goals.

As an educator, Benetti helps her students gain self-confidence, express themselves freely, and discover their inner strengths. Oftentimes, this means actively listening to students as they voice their problems and concerns, even if they may seem minor. Benetti also tries to instill this mindset for her students, teaching them that service goes beyond just showing empathy; to truly serve others, we must be “empathetic with a purpose.”

Through teaching, Benetti has become more patient and learned to, as she says, “just chill out.” Every day as a teacher brings new challenges, Benetti explains, and everything can’t “run like a well-oiled machine.” Guided by this mentality, Benetti encourages her students to allow themselves to fail and, rather than dwelling on that disappointment, to keep believing in themselves. Through these struggles and recoveries, Benetti tells her students, we can truly discover our passions and vocation, even if they aren’t always what we think it will be. 

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