AP Studio Winter Art Show 2020
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Welcome to the Winter AP Studio Art Show! 

Students in AP Studio this semester have begun their journey building a body of art work for their portfolios.

First, we had to get the ball rolling. Each piece needed to start with a guided question so students could plan and execute a piece. This is a lot more work than it sounds. The questions students came up with needed to guide their work both physically and conceptually. Questions like “how can line convey a message of fun and upbeat?” or “How can I use unconventional art materials to give a haunting presence in my work?” helped start their compositions. Students then were able to critique each other’s work and ask those guiding questions to get feedback from their peers.

This was all practice, play, and experimentation for their next big step in class. Sustained Investigation.

Imagine having to pick a theme, thesis, topic that you then had to explore over the course of the rest of the school year. Kind of like a big term paper only you can’t use words to explore and explain it. They have to come up with one big juicy question, something they are passionate about, and explore and answer it solely with visuals. It’s quite the task.

These students have chosen their best works so far that not only show their strong artistic ability, but also how well they can visually communicate in their work.

Fourteen students share with you their hard work cultivated over the course of first semester.

Jodi Brzezinski
Visual Arts Department Chair

Questions about AP Studio?

Jodi Brzezinski
Visual Arts Department Chair
(414) 481-8370 x124 |

Meet the Artists!

Click on each artist’s picture to view their artist statement and work.

Cali Bialoszynski

Angeliz Colon

Toni Goldring

Raegan Gronseth

Karla E. Hernandez

Peter Mao

Michelle Medina Duarte

Grace Mortell

Edgar Padilla-Cabrera

Hannah Schulze

Emma Sranske

Ellie Tezak Unti

Bella Triggiano Rogan

Savannah Wittig

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