10 Reasons to Join MORE Robotics
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Ten Reasons to Join MORE Robotics at St. Thomas More

By Izzy Boudnik (STM ’17)

1. You are a freshman and want more people to hang out with. We’ve all been there. Maybe you came to STM not knowing anybody. When you meet for robotics every day, sometimes until midnight, you get to know people pretty fast. FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) friends are for life.


2. You really want to join a club that travels…but sports aren’t your thing. Although there is no reason you can’t join robotics if you are athletic, lots of students tend to enjoy things that aren’t gym class. We travel to at least two regional competitions each year, and even the World Championships if we are lucky. Yes, you do get to miss school for competitions; which is a blessing or a curse depending on how you see it.

3. Our uniforms are super fashionable. Have you seen them? Who doesn’t want to wear mechanics shirts and safety glasses?!

4. We have food. During build season in January and February, we meet on Saturdays and have a delicious team/family dinner. Pro tip: go for dessert first. Sometimes it is gone before everyone gets through the line!

5. College is on your horizon. At literally any college, FRC is a resume booster. Whether you want to go to MSOE, Harvard, or MIT (all colleges/universities that our team alumni have gone to), robotics will help you get there. Each year, FIRST gives out millions of dollars in scholarships only for FIRST students.

6. Building the Iron Man suit is your dream. Being Tony Stark isn’t just for the movies anymore. The machines we get to design, build, and compete with are just as complex as any movie gadget (without special effects!). Plus, even Tony Stark had to get his experience somewhere, right?

7. Completing service hours is a cake-walk. We are a year round team, so our work doesn’t stop when the season is over. During the summer and early fall we do lots of awesome community service that can count for your school required hours, National Honor Society, and other clubs.

8. You get to meet people you would have never met before. At last year’s World Championship, 39 countries were represented by FRC teams. How else would you get to meet someone from Israel or Chile while in high school? Plus, there are always VIP guests and representatives from sponsor companies like Boeing or Rockwell Automation that serve as great career connections.

9. There is a job for everyone. If you don’t consider yourself a “techie” there are still plenty of opportunities on the team. Writing essays for awards, producing videos, and giving presentations are all things that have to be done in addition to building a robot.

10. You might discover a career or something about yourself you never knew about before. If you aren’t exposed to certain things, you’ll never know you are good at them. Maybe you can apply your love for art to designing a drive train, or maybe your video game skills could allow you to be the best robot driver on the team. You’ll never know until you try!


Izzy has been a member of 1714 MORE Robotics since she was a freshman at STM. In addition to her stellar academic performance at STM and within MORE Robotics, Izzy was one of two people to receive the Dean’s List award at last year’s regional competitions in Duluth, Minnesota. She was nominated by her team and the award recognizes her dedication and leadership to MORE Robotics and FIRST.
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