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Project Lead the Way’s Biomedical Sciences program is a four-year series of courses, designed to bring students closer to possibilities of a medical-based career. The courses are integrated into the student’s core curriculum and designed to expand upon but not replace college preparatory math and science courses. This
dynamic program uses hands-on, real-world problems to engage and challenge students.

Students interested in math, science, and the human body will find the PLTW® Biomedical Sciences program a great introduction to the numerous medical fields. It will also teach them how the skills they learn are used in the biomedical sciences. Students must maintain a grade of B- or better each quarter in all biomedical courses in order to remain in the program.

Questions about our Biomedical curriculum?

Darlene Langhoff
Biomedical Sciences Department Chair
(414) 481-8370 x317

Kathy Stelling
Science Department Chair
(414) 481-8370 x309

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