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The Advanced Placement (AP) Program is a rigorous academic program built on the commitment, passion, and hard work of students and educators. The AP Program enables students to take college level courses and exams and to earn college credit or placement while still in high school.

It is the mission of St. Thomas More’s AP Program to provide willing and academically prepared students the opportunity to participate in AP. In order to support this mission, the curriculum is designed to advance the student’s analytical thinking skills, writing abilities and knowledge in specific subject areas, not to strictly pass the AP test. Additionally, the rigorous instruction provided by the AP teacher will create a learning environment conducive to student success.

Standards for Admission:

  • Approval from the AP teacher
  • Have at least a B- average in all courses within the academic area of the respective AP course
  • Demonstrate a good attendance record
  • Display the qualities of a model student: good behavior, responsibility, strong work ethic, academic honesty
Advanced Placement Courses

Biology: Overview; Syllabus

Calculus: Overview; Syllabus

Computer Science Principles: Overview; Syllabus

Government and Politics: Overview; Syllabus

Language and Composition: Overview; Syllabus

Literature and Composition: Overview; Syllabus

Macroeconomics: Overview; Syllabus

Microeconomics: Overview; Syllabus

Physics: Overview; Syllabus

Psychology: Overview; Syllabus

Spanish Language and Culture: Overview; Syllabus

Statistics: Overview; Syllabus

Studio: Overview; Syllabus

U.S. History: Overview; Syllabus

How do universities view AP credits?

Each school views AP credits differently. Click the link for the school you are interested in below.



University of Michigan

University of Minnesota

Northwestern University

St. Norbert College

Notre Dame

UW System

Xavier University

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