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St. Thomas More was a lawyer and author who lived a life of scholarship and faith in 15th and 16th century England. He was martyred for his refusal of both King Henry VIII’s divorce from Catherine of Aragon in order to marry Anne Boleyn and the establishment of the king as the head of the Church of England, denying the primacy of the Pope. He was imprisoned over his conflict with the king, but remained dedicated to his letters and steadfast in his Catholic faith. At his execution, More famously told the gathered crowd that he was dying as “the king’s good servant-but God’s first.”

In light of St. Thomas More’s life and example, St. Thomas More High School provides a college preparatory education that puts God first in all things while instilling Catholic values into our young men and women. St. Thomas More High School sets the precedence to mold our students with Franciscan ideals and establish high academic standards which are met through rigorous curriculums and instruction. Consequently, St. Thomas More High School aims to create a community of graduates who strive for excellence in all their endeavors through continual scholarship, authentic Christian discipleship, responsible citizenship, and being men and women for all seasons.

St. Thomas More studied the classics, languages, history, mathematics, and law during his time at university. He continually gave lectures and wrote letters on legal and religious topics. St. Thomas More graduates work to follow More’s scholarly example, understanding that learning is a life-long process in all its facets. Therefore, St. Thomas More graduates:

  • Explore opportunities to grow in mind, body, and spirit.
  • Remain intellectually curious.
  • Seek truth throughout their lifetime, think critically, and solve problems creatively and analytically.
  • Integrate their personal, social, academic, and spiritual lives with maturity, honesty, intentionality, and responsibility.
  • Strive to excel in their academics while utilizing their knowledge to understand the complexities of the modern world.
  • Demonstrate a mastery of the academic requirements for success in higher education, vocational work, and life beyond high school.

St. Thomas More was devoted to his Catholic faith and lived as a Professed Secular Franciscan, dedicating himself, like St. Francis, to a life of simplicity, poverty, and fraternity with everyone and all of creation. With a pervasive sense of joy in the Lord, he devoted himself to prayer and to sharing the good news of the Gospel to all who would hear it. Responding to God’s call to holiness in their lives, St. Thomas More graduates:

  • Imitate Christ by being open to God’s will in their lives.
  • Cultivate an interior life of penance through consistent honest self-reflection and prayer.
  • Grow in knowledge of the Catholic Faith and participate in the sacramental life of the Catholic Church.
  • Love, serve, and forgive others and promote solidarity and peace.
  • Develop a fuller understanding and respect for Catholicism while respecting the religions of others.

St. Thomas More became a loyal servant to the king and community, serving as a Member of Parliament and eventually as the Chancellor of England. His fair and pragmatic practice of the law made him one of the most respected judges of the Court for his ability to uphold the law without attacking the person. In addition, he never sacrificed his beliefs to benefit or advance the plans of others or his own. As a result, More, like St. Francis, became a citizen servant, acting for others before himself. Therefore, St. Thomas More graduates:

  • Lead by serving others spiritually, emotionally, and physically.
  • Commit humbly to social justice, particularly serving the sick and poor.
  • Dedicate their efforts towards being active, responsible citizens who build and participate in a thriving community.
  • Respect and learn from all individuals in today’s diverse, global community.

St. Thomas More’s good friend and schoolteacher, Robert Whittington, called More “a man for all seasons,” for he was able to be flexible and adapt to all sorts of company without sacrificing his own identity. As a result, More was a man “suited to all hours, times, and occasions” because of his intelligence and cheery disposition. Therefore, St. Thomas More graduates:

  • Live lives of integrity, never sacrificing their identity for the benefit of others.
  • Sustain a balance of humility and confidence in all their endeavors.
  • Depend upon God for all things.
  • Preserve their solidarity with whom they interact in today’s diverse, global community.
  • Display fortitude in times of personal and social strife and challenges.
  • Uphold favorable qualities such as loyalty, trustworthiness, cheerfulness, and friendship.

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Congratulations to juniors Melanie, Katie, and Josie and senior Marissa on earning All-Conference recognition for volleyball this year!

Additionally, two STM players from our boys volleyball co-op with South Milwaukee High School earned All-Conference recognition. Tyler Adams earned Second Team All-Conference Honors. As team captain and setter, Tyler led the team in assists (464), aces (36), and hitting percentage (0.374) for the season. He finished in the top ten in the state for assists.

Tony Czajka earned First Team All-Conference Honors. As the other team captain and outside hitter, Tony led the team in kills (267) and digs (187) for the season. He finished in the top ten in the state for kills. He was voted First Team All-Conference by all of the Woodland Conference coaches and voted Most Valuable Player by his teammates.

Way to go, volleyball players! Stay tuned for more news on our fall sports accomplishments.
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1 day ago

St. Thomas More High School

Father Christopher (TM '95) visited Lumen Christi yesterday! Read the full post below.

Lumen Christi Catholic School
Today our second grade students welcomed Father Christopher Klusman into their classroom. Father Christopher is the Chaplain at St. Thomas More High School, and is one of only 13 deaf priests in the world. The students learned a lot about Father Christopher's experience as a deaf child and priest. They also shared with him their "Hail Mary" song which they have been learning to sign for both the Feast of the Immaculate Conception and their First Communion.
Read more about Fr. Christopher at It was truly a blessing to have him share his story with our students. See the comments for some pics from the visit.
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