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Faculty and Staff

Mary McIntosh x106
Tom Nass x143 Campus Minister
Brother Maxwell Klug, OFM STM '11 x143
Campus Ministry Assistant
Nic Kelly x113
Loriann Brenner x104 Bookkeeper
Mary Christensen x100
Assistant Principal/Dean of Students
Kevin Dineen x333
Dean of Academics
Abby Falk x103
Director of Finance
John Hoch TM '87 x120
Athletic Director
Linda Janick x101
Office Manager
Fr. Christopher Klusman TM '95
Lucas Thomas x140
Director of Recruitment
Michael Fricke x305
Science Teacher
Darlene Langhoff x317
Biomedical Sciences Department Chair
Kathy Stelling x309
Science Department Chair
Kevin Doan TM '77 x115
Director of Buildings and Grounds
Dan Krenke x415
Chris Lalko Groundskeeper
Anna Morrison x383
Business/Technology Teacher
Tammy Fricker x109
Director of Development
Katlyn Putney STM '10 x108
Marketing Coordinator
Kevin Russell x131
Grants, Research, and Database Coordinator
Dan Steffes TM '03 x122
Alumni Director & Events Coordinator
Sharon Tomski x324
Engineering Department Chair
Heather Bekkers STM '10 x307
English Teacher
Leah Larson x331
English Teacher
Ashley Lounsbrough x319
English Teacher
Julie Randerson x329
English Teacher
Eric Wolffersdorff x325
English Department Chair
Jodi Brzezinski x124
Art Teacher
Casey Madden x311
Art Teacher
Nancy Wiecki x132
Fine Arts Department Chair
Matt Zembrowski x312
Music/Theater Teacher
Chris Clarey TM '87 x116
Fitness/Health Department Chair
Jimmy Litscher TM '06 x326
Physical Education Teacher
Karen Daluge x129
Technology Staff
Jared Liebl x114
Director of Technology
Katherine Burns x302
Math Teacher
Drew Cordell x315
Mathematics Department Chair
Joan Flayter x414
Math Teacher
Michael Karolewicz x314
Math Teacher
Emily Pirkl x303
Math Teacher
Mary Spiegel x382
Math Teacher
Edith Fork x330
Science Teacher
Michael Fricke x305
Science Teacher
Marcie Greenberg x340
Science Teacher
Brian Killoran x313
Science Teacher
Kevin Gleeson x316
Social Sciences/History Department Chair
Michael Greuel x385
Social Sciences/History Teacher
Patrick Idstein x381
Social Sciences/History Teacher
Jacob Lukasiewicz x306
Social Sciences/History Teacher
Natalie Robinson x301
Social Sciences/History Teacher
Angela Penaflor x112
College and Career Counselor
Pat Hasek x136
International Counselor
Caitlin Riegert x146
School Counselor
Cynthia Salisbury x111
Student Services Assistant
Tim Schultz x110
Director of Student Services/School Counselor
Miguel Crespo x411
Theology Teacher
Anne Wardecke STM '11 x320
Theology Teacher
Andrew Kuzma x333
Theology Teacher
Teresa Mortell x318
Theology Department Chair
Teresa Borgmeyer x141
Spanish Teacher
Nathalie Colignon x322
French Teacher
Ann Marie Dorn x310
World Languages Department Chair

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Phone: (414) 481-8370
Fax: (414) 481-3382
Email: cavaliers@tmore.org

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