Commemorating the Archdiocese of Milwaukee’s 175th Anniversary
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Commemorating the Archdiocese of Milwaukee’s 175th Anniversary

Today marks the Archdiocese of Milwaukee’s 175th anniversary. Founded on November 28, 1843, the Archdiocese is two years older than the city of Milwaukee and five years older than the state of Wisconsin.

STM commemorated the anniversary with a prayer:

Good and Gracious God,
Lord of all times and seasons,

With grateful hearts and minds
we recall your constant presence in our lives,
shaping our families over these many years,
years of war and peace,
seasons of growth and vitality,
times of struggle and times of hope.

In this, our 175th anniversary year,
renew the spirit of Holiness in our midst.

Enable us to proclaim the Gospel of Christ
in fresh words and daring new deeds.

Inspire us to develop
a spirit of service and discipleship.

Strengthened by the Eucharist we share
and by your Mercy
in the Sacrament of Reconciliation,
enable us to be the signs and instruments
of your truth, your justice and your peace.

Renew our dreams and our hopes.

Keep us safe from adversity,
bold in our actions,
confident in your loving, life-giving presence,
now and forever.

We offer this prayer through Mary,
Mother of the Church
and our patron, St. John the Evangelist,

In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.


Read more about the Archdiocese’s history at

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    Hoy Padre Norberto Sandoval, junto con la Latino Student Organization, celebró una hermosa misa en honor a la Virgen de Guadalupe. En 1531, la Virgen de Guadalupe apareció al pobre campesino indígena, Juan Diego. Ahora la Virgen representa la esencia de México – la fusión de la España católica y lo indígena de México. Los miembros de LSO presentaron baile folclórico y azteca para celebrar estas dos culturas.

    Today, Fr. Norberto Sandoval and STM’s Latino Student Organization led the school in a beautiful celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe. In 1531, the Virgin of Guadalupe appeared to the poor Indian peasant Juan Diego. She now represents the essence of Mexico - the fusion of Catholic Spain and Indigenous Mexico. Members of LSO performed folklore and Aztec dances in celebration of these two cultures.
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    4 days ago

    St. Thomas More High School

    Members of the STM Green Club spent a couple of hours on Saturday morning on a project to protect newly planted trees for the winter. Wire cages were placed around each tree and then filled with dry leaves to keep out the bitter winter cold. A total of 26 oak saplings and 3 young maple trees were serviced on the property. A project for the spring will seek students and faculty to "adopt" a tree for ongoing care and the right to provide a name.

    Special thanks go to student helpers Henry Barksdale and Sierra Cruz for their hearts and hands on Saturday; Mr. Lalko for the inspiration for the project and the tree location map; and Mr. Doan for keeping the many bags of leaves safe until Saturday. We are looking forward to these trees providing beauty, shade, shelter, and clean air for many years to come!
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    The AP Studio Winter Art Show is this Thursday, December 13, from 6-8 p.m. in the STM Learning Commons. We hope to see you there! ... See MoreSee Less

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