Top 5 Reasons to Take Business and Finance Classes
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Top 5 Reasons to Take Business and Finance Classes

Mr. Scott Kosidowski teaches Business and Finance courses at STM. Read below for the top reasons he gives for why you should enroll in one of his classes next year!


1. Organization. Students in business courses learn about personal budgets, helping to track everything from income to expenses to where money is being spent. The more organized we are concerning our finances, the better we feel about the direction in which finances are headed.

2. Helps me save. Believe it or not, some people know they are spending money but have no idea where it is going. Does this sound familiar? By using a personal budget, it becomes simple to see where money was going, and of course, how to cut back on spending. In class, students learn saving habits by using the concept “Pay Yourself First” and discuss the benefits of participating in the 401(k) plans at their future jobs.

3. When it comes to your finances, mistakes can be a killer. Fortunately, those who use personal budgets find it simple to catch mistakes as they are being entered. Just this year alone I have been saved by my Excel Spreadsheet several times. On one instance, as I was reviewing past payments, I realized the wrong check was sent to my mortgage lender. Fortunately, I was able to send additional money within a matter of days to ensure that I was not hit with a late fee. Without personal budget software, I am confident that this mistake would have slipped through the cracks. Microsoft Office software is used in class to track stocks and bonds, create interest calculations, and prepare budgets.

4. Motivation. Some people need motivation to budget their money and track their finances. Just like many, I get bored if there isn’t something exciting to keep me on track. It may be hard to believe, but I look forward to updating my budget. In turn, I am motivated to do my best when it comes to managing my money. Classroom activities such as stock market simulation, compounding interest over time, and student loan financing practice give students the skills and motivation needed to continue expanding on the business curriculum after the semester ends!

5. Confidence. Are you worried that you don’t know what you are doing with your money? Do you have doubts about the accuracy of past records? Using a personal budget has given me an added level of confidence. I feel that each and every money-related decision that I make is the right one. You will be amazed at how much stress you can avoid when you are confident in the financial decisions that you are making.


Read about the classes you can take with Mr. Kos next year in the 2018-19 Course Selection Guide!


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