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College Admissions: What You Should Know

Last September, Mrs. Peñaflor had the opportunity to participate in the annual conference for National Association for College Admission Counseling. A summary of the themes that came up at this conference were sent out to NACAC members after the conference concluded, and we wanted to share them with you.

Below are the top 3 pieces of advice college admissions representatives provided for applicants:


  1. Visit the schools you want to apply to. The more time students spend on a campus, the more they learn about it, making it possible for them to decide whether or not it is a good fit. Attending a college tour also puts students in the university database. This shows the admissions team that you’re interested. Many schools allow prospective students to spend a night in a dorm and/or attend a class – take advantage of these opportunities. The more you do, the more you can talk about in your application, or in person with the admissions team. This brings us to the next point.

  3. Meet the admissions officers in person. College admissions officers have a lot of applications to go through. It is in your best interest to be one of the applications they can put a face to. If you visit the university, make sure you introduce yourself to the admissions officers in person. If you can’t visit, find out where the nearest college information night/fair is, and don’t miss it. The more face-time you have, the better it is. Admissions officers know that students apply to many schools. They want to know that their school is your top choice.

  5. Take the SAT/ACT multiple times. Most admissions officers told us that test scores matter. They want students to try to get their test scores as high as possible due to the rising number of applications they receive every year. Competition is increasing, so high test scores are almost expected. Taking the SAT/ACT multiple times can help in this area, as long as a student prepares.


“My advice about test prep has changed over the years. I now encourage students to focus on test prep. Take the tests multiple times and prepare. Visit colleges. Meet with us and get to know the schools you’re going to apply to.”
– Dana Britton, Director of Admissions, Messiah College


Our juniors are about to take the ACT for the first time on February 27, at STM. Most students will likely take it a second and/or third time in April and June. To help students prepare, STM is hosting an ACT prep seminar with Doorway to College on February 7 and 8. If you did not receive your registration materials in the mail, please see your school counselor.

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